Intersolar Kibuki


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In the cyberpunk space opera Schizmatrix by Bruce Sterling, a would-be assassin creates an elaborate ruse to infiltrate a target. The theater troupe Intersolar Kibuki is a cog in his machinations. As the impressario, he both directs the performers but also sells common stock in the enterprise. His ruse fails. The assassination attempt fails. Years later - 40 or 50 - he is on Titan or some other luxurious place and (surprise!) Intersolar Kibuki shows up. None of them knows him. The troupe has an independent existence, now 40 or 50 years running... (See

We accept that corporations are "legal individuals" under law, different from "natural persons" but somehow enjoying many (not all!) of the same rights.

To me, this creates another class of individuals. Corporations are very much like people, but not exactly the same...

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