Benghazi--Fox News--13 Hours--This One is Different

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Benghazi--Fox News--13 Hours--This One is Different

This section is about Glenn Beck and Fox News. He is no longer on Fox, so I might split this section.

The purpose here, re Fox news, is to discuss reports and videos from Fox that I or any OL member thinks will actually change the culture or politics in some major or fundamental way.

Bret Baier's interview with members of the Annex Security Team, which deals with a new book coming out called 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi by Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team, is one such show.

It is hosted on YouTube by an account called "Mass Tea Party" and presented on Real Clear Politics, so I presume Fox wants this to be available as far and wide as possible.

I believe it is going to shake things up quite a bit. Maybe not, but there are emotional and storytelling elements in this report that should penetrate through the mainstream clutter to the hearts and minds of people who were previously not too interested.

I only saw part of it on TV last night. I was impressed. I will now watch the whole thing, but I am posting it first so everybody gets a shot.

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I had watched this through Saturday evening.

There is one point which stands out and one point that I might have missed if they made it.

First, they make it clear that they were ready to go to assist and were told by a CIA man who was on a telephone, to stand down, which delayed their departure for twenty five minutes. Bret Bair asks if they think the ambassador would be alive today if they had been ordered to go and were not late by twenty five minutes. They claim that he would have survived. (It was not clear how many were involved in this rescue attempt, just the three of them?)

The point that I wish they had made with more emphasis is that the Bengazi Embassy had been requesting a build up in defense for months and Hillary Clinton must have been aware of these desperate pleas for more troops to be sent to properly defend their Embassy. This point has been made in the media but most of the criticism has to do with the lack of response on the day of the assault. What possible reason could there be to refuse the plea for more troops to properly defend the Embassy. Hillary Clinton should have been aware of these pleas and should have enabled the buildup to have happened long before the attack. She was Secretary of State and was in a position to have authorized such a buildup.

When she finally did testify she said that "It doesn't matter" but it does and she is responsible and failed.

Are we to believe that the media is letting her get a pass because of their wish that she become the next president?


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