Happy Feet Two is worth watching especially the operatic song towards the end.

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This is what the children are watching these days. They didn't make them like this when I was a child. The whole movie builds towards a delightful and moving climactic scene in which a young penguin sings a song based on a Puccini opera, bravely defending his father surrounded by intimidating elephant seals. It can be quite moving for those of us who share certain values.

Here is a link to the video with English subtitles:

And here are the lyrics:

"No Pa, This is unfair.""

After all you have done, you really deserved better...

Nothing makes sense in this world

It's all a big pile of crazy...

And the kings are all fools!

Where is the honor,

When a solemn promise is just a pretty lie?

And the mighty mock the courage of the humble!

Although he's just an ordinary penguin...

My daddy taught me, you don't need to be colossal...

To be a great heart...

You don't need to fly...

To be awesome!

My hero...My father.

I am surprised no one here posted a link before. The Happy Feet movies are very popular and this one is from Happy Feet Two.

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