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FINALLY! The Amazon Kindle eBook edition of "The Vision of Ayn Rand: The Basic Principles of Objectivism," by Nathaniel Branden is NOW available ( Amazon site listing. Price $9.99).Downloadable, of course. The original NBI course from the 1960s, given by tape transcription in over 80 cities (and a Polaris submarine!), worldwide. Published in print in late 2009, by Cobden Books, but difficult to obtain in the cloth and hardcover edition.

With a New Preface by Barbara Branden, "The Dawn of Objectivism," and an Epilogue, by Nathaniel Branden, "Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand" (an updated version of a lecture with the same title from the 1990s, I think).

Curiously, this eBook edition does NOT include the newly revised and corrected index by Roger Bissell (still available from as a separate pamphlet). In fact, no index is included.

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I don't know what Jim Peron's thinking was in not including the revised/corrected index in the eBook edition, though I'm glad he omitted the original index!

Amazon does not have an inventory of either the soft cover or hard cover versions of the book, but it does show other booksellers who offer it both new and used.

If you want a new copy, fr33minds (Jim Peron's business) is the cheapest place: $27.00 for soft cover, $39.99 for hard cover (both adding $3,99 for shipping).

No discounts out there! (The next "cheapest" copies from other booksellers are more than twice the above, for each.)


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