Really Really Cool Brazilian Ad

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Really Really Cool Brazilian Ad

One of the things I miss about Brazil is the creativity in advertising they have down there.

The video above is something I just came across that showcases this creativity right nicely. It's an ad for Heineken beer, but a real long one. In fact, I don't think it's an ad at all, but instead a group of ads sewn together so the producers can do this video.

It's about a guy who boards a ship by climbing a rope, then charms the passengers with some Heineken along the way. But it's not just one guy, even though it seems to be at first. And here's the trick. A box appears throughout the video at different times. If you click on it, it will take you to the casting video the actor did for that particular passage, then return you to where it left off.

Cool as all hell.

One viewer said it was sad that he watched this thing a dozen times. I know what he means. :smile:

Man, do I miss Brazil...

Even though the video is in Portuguese, and for some reason they used the coal mining song, Sixteen Tons, as the background music, it is perfectly understandable without knowing the language. Besides, the casting videos are in English and those are where you really need to know what's said.

Hearing Sixteen Tons sung in Portuguese was a hoot for me because I am distantly related (in some manner or other) to Tennessee Ernie Ford, the guy who originally sang it. I remember my parents and the rest of the family talking about this as I was growing up.

When I looked it up on YouTube just now, I came across a wonderful video of Ernie. Boy, did it bring back some memories...

I don't know if you will like this post as much as I did making it.


I feel good.



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Thanks for the post enjoyed it. Are the fezs(es?) on the servers in the bar a Brazillian thing or maybe a casba style lounge?

And I remember that song from the L Welk show sung by a very deep baritone, but I loved that version .

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Are the fezs(es?) on the servers in the bar a Brazillian thing or maybe a casba style lounge?

I have no idea. Not really a Brazilian thing.

It's probably something as lame as that's the theme for the bar in the ship the production hired for filming and they didn't want to spend any more money on clothes. Or maybe a way to neutralize the loudmouth know-it-all brother of the producer (or someone just as toxic who you can't get rid of)--throw a fez on him so he'll be unique and tell him he'll win an oscar for his performance. :)


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