Atlas Shrugged Is A Book About Pride In One's Work, And The Success That Results


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Nice work by Mr. Simpson!


The book has been criticized often in the five decades since it was published. Most frustrating for those of us who love it are critiques that misunderstand its essential points and end up attacking straw men. Rand, they often say, believed that only the strong should survive or that a man’s worth is measured by the size of his wallet. Writing in the Business Insider, Max Nisen does all this but adds a new twist. In “‘Atlas Shrugged’ is Full of Terrible Business Advice,” Nisen criticizes the book for not being a better version of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Of course, Atlas Shrugged isn’t a business how-to manual. But it is full of powerful advice if you’re willing to consider what Rand actually says. Here are some of the real lessons in the novel that make it a favorite of so many productive, successful people.

Again, precisely.

The principles that are shouted from those pages have never failed me.

Only when I rejected them did I have negative personal experiences.

Sometimes, egoists need to accept certain discoveries by other egoists and adapt.


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