"Message to the Voting Cattle - Larken Rose"


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yeah, that was pretty thick.

The character seems so into his own ideas of how all others think and how they are hopeless, that I began to wonder why he was even involving himself enough into the world around him to even make a speech. Then I remembered its a character from a book and the other was just trying to make a point

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I like Larken Rose (I really do) but I didn't like this.

I forced myself to watch the whole thing. Once into it, I sure didn't want to. It was lame. One-tone and "on the nose" tone at that.

SNL skits, which have stopped being funny ages ago, are still better than this thing.

But wait! There's more!

Then I saw the explanation at the end--as if the obvious metaphor needed to be explained. But explained it was.

Right when I was pissed about not getting my time back ever from watching this, Larken redeemed himself.

He was actually plugging his book all along.

Thank God!

At least something not lame is happening.


A sales skit can be forgiven a lot that an awful comedy skit meant to be comedy and nothing more can't.

Larken really needs to work on his pitch, though. I don't predict many sales off that video. In fact, any sales that come in and are attributed to that video will probably be from his mother or something. :evil: :) 

Still, Larken is creative and I'm glad to see him get up and take a swing.

Better luck next time...


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