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BB code has always worked before, but with the WHSIWYG editor, why bother?

Still, if you want to, use the button on the upper left of the message field (the one right beside the eraser for "remove format" and above the B for "bold") and you will get the BB code editor. The button on the right of the eraser is called "Special BB Code." (Hover your mouse indicator over them and you will get a message popup with their names.)

And if you click on the button called "More Reply Options" on the bottom right (beside the "Post button"), there is an HTML option that switches automatically to the BB editor, but fills it with HTML code.

IPS used propitiatory real-time encryption so that no one can rip off the entire site's contents without getting gibberish. Sometimes this does funny things to the code.

But if you fiddle around with it, you get used to it.


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