Happy Festivus


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It is that time of the year and so I will break out the pole and we can do the airing of the grievances. I've been bitchy enough lately so someone else can take the pole and start the celebration.

Ready... Set.... RANT!!!

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People who bring their dogs everywhere they go. Including my house (where I do not keeps dogs inside) on my new hardwood floors.


Anyway, we didn't hold an airing of grievances, but we did have feats of strength this week. Very entertaining.

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How about people and relatives who talk bad about you all year long, then want to celebrate Christmas and the holidays with you in group - so maybe they can talk bad about you (and others) some more after they leave?

They seem so hurt when you have no interest and say so clearly.


I'd vastly prefer to watch "I Love Lucy" reruns on TV - and I don't even like them all that much.

No, better yet. They can bring their dogs. The dogs can stay, but they can't.


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I just hate it when the ex completely ignores his kids for years, doesn't even call them on Christmas or their birthdays, yet has the legal right to prevent us from moving out of the state or even the county. Our friggin nanny government is in the pocket of deadbeat dads!

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I don't allow dogs to come into my residence either.

Nope, none, nada, nix, fuggeddaboudit.

I am highly allergic to dog fur or "dander" or whatever

the stuff is that they exude. My eyes water and swell

up and I'm miserable until they leave. It's just about

as bad as the reaction I got from reading CRAP (code

for a book we all know and love :-).

For this reason, I do not have a "best friend." But

I do have a next-best friend, and that is my

wife, Becky, who is (blessedly) as far from a dog

as anyone could ever hope for. :!:

My daughter's pet rat died a couple of weeks ago,

and we will be getting a (read: one and only one)

pet kitten for her pretty soon. For whatever reason,

I don't have the same reaction to cats that I do to

dogs, though I do confess to being creeped out when

I visit friends who have an army of pet cats in their

house. Way too much pu...well, you know what I

mean. :twisted:

Cheers, y'all!


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