first prize entry, Infowars Paul Revere Contest - $100,000


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Are you sure that Alex Jones is not serving as an agent provocateur for the Left? Dealing with its message first, the justification given by the DHS here is straight out of the playbook of the craziest of the (to use Bill Buckley's term) "fever swamps of the crazy-right."

Parts of this video will surely end up in leftist productions as demonstrating that, indeed the mindset of the right is as paranoid as its critics have portrayed it. It will be great material for Jon Stewart and for Stephen Colbert on the Comedy Channel.

The acting is so bad that its perpetrators would have never made it into an Ed Wood production. Even as a piece of incompetent paranoid trash, it is embarrassing.

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Oh! Sorry! I am so naïve sometimes, I thought they were serious, but it's clearly a spoof. How could I miss so obvious a parody?.

That Alex Jones! What a jokester!

But he needs to watch more Stephen Colbert if he is going to do this kind of put-on!

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What was the matter with that grim face lady's mascara\? \This distracted me so much I could not pay attention to the dialogue. \just talk so I lost interest.

I think that they were trying to do a cheap imitation of Vampira - as cast by Ed Wood??

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ample of your GOK

As bad as that movie is, it won a prize of $100,000 (one hundred thousand). Maybe you all should have entered in the contest and showed them the proper way to do it..

good example of your ethics. If something wins money it must have virtue, well expressed or not.

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I watched the one you posted last time and it was hilariously bad, and if this one won it must be worse.

Though the big Asian guy wasn't that bad an actor (in the other thread).

Larken Rose entered this competition and came in 35th:

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Erstwhile participants (winners, losers, judges) in this "contest": Don't quit your day job.

Clueless supporters of this charade: you're proving P.T. Barnum's maxim:"There's a sucker born every minute"

Asylum ringleader More evidence for Mark Twain's "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public"

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