What's Wrong With Bruce Willis?

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What's Wrong With Bruce Willis?

I caught this on TheBlaze:

by Billy Hallowell
July 24, 2013

From the article:

Actor Bruce Willis joined his “Red 2″ co-star Mary-Louise Parker for a radio interview with UK radio station Magic 105.4 and its DJ Jamie Edwards.

Here's a typical comment from Bruce during the interview. He is talking about doing the interview he is doing right then.

“Has any actor ever told you this Jamie? This part is not acting. What we’re doing right now — you might be,” the actor said. “But we’re just selling the film now. Sales. That fun part was making the movie.”

Here's the video, which is going viral:

It's weird because it almost sounds like a discussion between Howard Roark and Peter Keating, with Bruce being Howard.

I wonder what the backstory is to this thing. There has to be one. I imagine Bruce was sticking it to someone who made him do this interview. He doesn't look high. And Bruce Willis certainly is no Howard Roark. :)

Any thoughts?

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I didn't think it was that awkward or cringe-worthy. I mean, he obviously was not that thrilled to be there, and everyone involved was clearly uncomfortable, but it wasn't that bad. It appears to be one of those setups where a gabazillion radio and/or TV personalities are invited to show up and get 5 minutes with the actors. So the actors have to sit through hours of cheesy short interviews where they get asked the same questions over and over by people who may or may not be prepared and professional. I think I'd get tired of that. That's my take on it, anyway.

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