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Note from Administrator: The information in this thread was for the old domain and/or phpp forum software, but it is still mostly valid for the present program (Invision Power Board).

Objectivist Living Yahoo Group is a new resource for us. Please do not use it as a message board. Inky was asking me about being able to upload her artwork and since there is no way for regular members to upload files here, I created the Yahoo Group. The url is

The functions over there are:

    Uploading files
    Uploading Photos
    Posting Links
      Basically, it is a place to put stuff and do the chat thing. You can always messenger me for tech support on Yahoo Messenger also. My handle is pptartist at Yahoo.

      Click to join Objectivist Living Yahoo Group
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I have created some memberships. You should be getting an email verification. I created my first database there. It is an index of the recipes from the kitchen. People can put up their own photo albums to share. I am making it a private group so that it can be a place where you can post stuff like rough drafts that you don't want the world to see or something that you have saved as a nicely formatted pdf file or Word doc.


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Everyone should have access to the Yahoo Group now. If you cannot get in, please let me know and I will add you to the member list. I am only allowed to add a few names a day.

I hope to see all your smiling faces posted on the fridge in the kitchen!


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