See the new Star Trek movie.

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The new Star Trek move "Into Darkness" is a kinetic humdinger. Karl Urban who does a young Leonard McCoy has nailed the character dead center perfect. His performance is worth the price of the movie. Also there is a resemblance of Chris Pine as a young Jim Kirk to a young William Shatner in the same role. All in all this has all the action ingredients that made the original Star Trek so popular with its fans.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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We saw it. Not bad for a movie made from tropes. I mean, like Atlas 1-2-3, Star Trek films are for fans. On a deeper level we have to consider Star Trek as myth. In myth, elements can change. Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm peeled away the surface variations and found the commonalities in the stories of Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and others. The Bremen Musicians was told in China. However, as oral traditions, myths necessarily change. It is only that we have them written (once) in the Eddas, the Iliad and Odyssey, Hesiod, Ovid, and others. So, those became static in the retelling.

However, Star Wars, Star Trek, and other tales with broad fan followings have evolved stories that sometimes contradict each other or introduce or remove elements. Nominally, you cannot get the Star Trek logo on pro-fic unless Paramount signs off that you are consistent within the Star Trek Universe. (No Kirk-Spock love stories.) But as with this movie, Paramount can break its own rules.

They invented a new timeline. This was created as an alternate universe by "Nero's Incursion." (In TOS (The Original Series) Christopher Pike lives happily ever after on the fantasy planet Talos IV. In TOS, the planet Vulcan was not destroyed. And so on and so on.) In this timeline, Noonian Singh Khan kills Christopher Pike. So, what happened to the Botany Bay?

I agree that the new actors do mimic TOS characters well.

Over all, the movie was predictable. Sometimes it was shallow. My wife and I are both in security and on the way home, considering Khan's attack on Star Fleet, I said, "So, in case of an attack, everyone gets into a big room with windows." to which Laurel replied, "Thirty stories up. Have we learned nothing in 300 years?" And jamming the flying machine's turbine with the now-empty machine gun is an old Die Hard trick, right?

We enjoyed it, all in all. I got nudged at all the right references. It was well worth the price of admission.

It is just not one we will buy on disk.

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