How to Embed Videos With The New Upgrade

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How to Embed Videos With The New Upgrade

Some of you have noticed that the normal way of embedding a video doesn't work any more. It's actually simpler now.

Here are some very basic instructions just so people can get going. When I fiddle with this further, I will add to this thread with more information.

Here is how to embed a YouTube video using the "Share" feature.

1. Go to a video on YouTube and click the "Share" button,


2. Copy the shortened url code that appears,


3. Past it into your post, just like I am doing below (but I am putting in code tags so the video will not appear and you can see the url... Note: "1." appears, but it is not part of the url, so don't add it to your post... this is part of the automatic stuff the forum software now does).

Here is what happens when you just copy it into the post without any tags:

4. You can read a little more information on a post I made a little earlier on another thread:

With the update, it looks like IPB wants to make matters simpler for everyone, but like Microsoft, they like to do it by totally screwing up what people have become accustomed to doing and not telling them about it.

I just fiddled with this.

To embed a YouTube video, just paste the url and post. This won't work for the url you have above, probably because it has "embed" in the url string. Just past the normal url you get from viewing it on YouTube. Or the url from the YouTube's "Share" feature. Forget about "embed.

There's just one detail. You have to make sure your url includes "http://" at the beginning. So if it doesn't, just type it in.

I found that out by fiddling with it just now. I will fiddle some more and then post instructions in a support thread. For instance, I need to find out if this works with other video hosting sites.

I hope this helps some of you.


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