Nathaniel Branden Seminars Complete Series (1969 – 1973)

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Our Price: $240.00

Nathaniel Branden Seminars Complete Series (1969 - 1973)

by Nathaniel Branden

Recorded Live: 48 Seminars

Downloadable MP3 Format: 31 hours (est)

The audio quality of this product has been enhanced, but unfortunately some residual problems are not resolvable.

Nathaniel Branden Seminars: Complete Series

A monthly recorded discussion by Nathaniel Branden of students' questions in the fields of psychology, philosophy, contemporary issues and events. Click here to review the complete content inventory of this series.

Permission to offer this product has been given from Dr. Nathaniel Branden who holds the copyright. For further information regarding Dr. Branden, please visit his website:

Disclaimer: Nathaniel Branden's Seminars are being provided for historical study. Views expressed in these seminars do not necessarily reflect Dr. Branden's later theories or opinions.

Album art redesign by Jared Dunham

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Thanks Robert, please let people know. The process of making these seminars available was expensive and time consuming, and I'm still working on making the individual seminars available.

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Randall, I'm very glad to see these recordings re-released after so many years.

I have a concern that they may be over-priced.

Although both the Brandens had recorded lecture series, and ARI had numerous series, that were sold as CD sets for hundreds of dollars in many cases, it is interesting to see that ARI's Ayn Rand Book Store is now selling the latter for pennies on the dollar, many of them for less than $10 for an entire lecture series.

I'm not suggesting that you down-price Seminar ~that~ much, but if you find that the recordings are moving slowly, you might consider repricing the set of 48 Seminars somewhere between $50 and $75. Just a suggestion.


Roger Bissell

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Hi Roger,

The complete set of Seminars consists of over 31 hours of material and are actually moving very well on The Culture of Reason Center website. When I attempted to purchase all of the Nathaniel Branden Seminars on LP a few years ago, it was almost impossible. Finally, I was able to purchase a nearly complete set of LPs for $2,000. Individual LPs still sell anywhere from $10 - $100 on eBay, other auction sites, or from individuals. Other than the MP3 series I have just released, it's almost impossible to find a complete set of these seminars anywhere today. I think people who really want to hear these seminars will be willing to pay the price I have set for them, and I must recover my investment costs (which go far beyond the purchase of the original seminars). I understand that ARI is taking a new approach with their eStore, but for years their pricing was at least ten times what it now is, and I was one of those people that purchased many of their products at those prices. In my experience, people that are not that interested in Branden's work are not going to buy the Seminars even if the entire series was sold for only $0.99. Additionally, I'm glad that ARI has lowered its pricing, which now frees up Objectivists (and others) to have more available funds to purchase competing materials at TAS and CRC, etc. All that being said, lower pricing does not always increase sales or profits.

Best regards,


P.S. The old adage "you get what you pay for" might apply.

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I sent Nathaniel and Leigh my complete set of Seminars in 2008 and I think they were used for this CD set--in any case sold with permission. Nathaniel didn't have a set having given them away. I then got them back. I also sent with them a bunch of NBI records of both Branden and Rand I had purchased in the late 1960s.

I remember talking with Nathaniel two consecutive days or near consecutive days on the phone about these records. The first day he sounded a little abstract or far away and not forceful. The next time he sounded like his old brain-strong self.

Leigh told me Nathaniel had a hard time remembering all that work he had done as they unpacked the box--actually two boxes for I had double boxed the records for additional protection--and was quite amazed and then accepting. There must have been at least 55 vinyl 33rpm records, 48 of them Seminars.

I visited Nathaniel and Leigh in September 2012. As I left I found that Nathaniel had followed me to the door and gave me a hearty "Hasta luego!" I deeply appreciated it although I knew our past history in his mind was gone except for what we had discussed this last time I saw him.

We were not friends; we were friendly and had been since 1972. It would have been impossible for me to have been friendly with the pre-1968 NB as publicly manifested, but I do have a story:

I had professional dealings in 1971 with a young woman who had been called into the NBI offices in 1965 or thereabouts with some others. The Addressograph machine used to put the addresses on The Objectivist Newsletter had broken down. Their job was to hand type them on to the envelopes. There was Nathaniel presiding over it all. Nathaniel exclaimed, "I'm no good at things mechanical!" I could have been friendly with that guy.


(the reason I hadn't previously posted on this thread was my being in the middle of a horrible personal tragedy)

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