Guess who has (almost) written a book?


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Not me, no, the fabulist Lindsay Daffyd Agamemnon Perigo!

I scrolled through the usual hysterical nonsense last week at SOLitaryPassion, and saw a bland "Announcement" thread by some grim-faced hireling, to the effect that we anyone on earth could go to and order a BOOK by Lindsay Perigo.  I did not link to the startling news at the time, since it was unlikely anyone here would pony up the  necessary, and also since readers would have to wade through such gush as this by said grim-faced hireling:

Subtitled 'Life, Liberty ... and the Pursuit of Their Enemies' it is salvo after passionate salvo for the advance of liberty and reason. Boldly militant and genuinely caring, like a Mencken or modern-day Voltaire, Perigo challenges the status quo with wit, intelligence and urgency. He clears away cant. He speaks from mind and heart. He wants to change the world.

As it turns out this Kindle book (unavailable in any other format) is a compendium of previously published or broadcast articles.

Here is a sample, from the introduction:



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Wish not, list?


I don't think Robert even has a wish list*--that he immediately indulges himself

*doesn't apply to Porsches

(more slander from me--I can't help myself)

I suspect he has another type of "list" for all things LP...

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