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I almost completely misread the band Ambrosia when they were at their peak. I always respected the production, but as a developing musician I really don't think I had a clue as to what they were up to.

Their radio hits were immensely successful, and now, years later, they listen great.

Here's a good place to hip up on them:

Ambrosia is, above all, total ear candy . As Sammy Hagar described in the Montrose tune "Rock Candy," it's "hot, sweet, and sticky."

There's a lot of Ambrosia to listen to, and it's all worth it. This band, I believe, cut across age and aesthetic barriers. There are many nods to other styles in their music, including Chopin moments, Aaron Copland moments, and a lot of rock moments in general. The lyrics are often elegant, and always straight honest.

One of my favorite songs is "Life Beyond L.A."-- Structurally, it's always nice to see someone work with an ascending line as a hook. The bridge is beautiful.

There is a concept album called "Somewhere I've Never Travelled," and I listen to this fairly often. Highly recommended.

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