Nathaniel Branden's New Lectures on the Psychology of Self-Esteem

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New Lectures on the Psychology of Self-Esteem (Original Title)

by Dr. Nathaniel Branden

20 Lectures (Recorded Live in the early nineteen-seventies).

Downloadable MP3 Format: 25.3 hours (est)

This course is not the same as NBI's "Principles of Objectivist Psychology" and was recorded circa 1976. The audio quality has been enhanced, but unfortunately some residual problems are not resolvable.

Our Price: $150.00

Here are some of the highlights of this course:

• The need, the motivating power and the requirements of self-esteem. Its relation to sex, productive work and human relationships.

• The need to understand yourself and other people.

• The psychology of romantic love.

• The nature and source of emotion.

• Neurotic disorders: their meaning and cause.

• Principles of motivation.

• Emotional blocking.

• Disowning the self.

• Self-alienation and social alienation.

• Reason and emotion: A new interpretation.

• Self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertion.

• Anxiety and depression.

• A critique of contemporary psychology: Psychoanalysis, Behaviorism, "Humanistic" Psychology.

• Biocentric Therapy: Its goals and techniques.

• Biocentric Therapy and the Objectivist Ethics.

Permission to offer this product has been given from Dr. Nathaniel Branden who holds the copyright. For further information regarding Dr. Branden, please visit his

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