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Macleans magazine online which I read frequentlyhas a "view in clear text " click which bumps up the type size,

Why doesn't everybody do this?


Astigmatic and removes glasses to read

On my computer I can change the size of everything with ctrl + and ctrl -. When the size is changed, it is remembered the next time I go to the web page.

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A standard menu item on the top of most browsers is "View" or something like that.

Usually there will be an option for "Zoom" or something else indicating viewing size.

You can increase your browser's display size from there.

As jts indicated, there are hotkeys for this, but this varies depending on your browser, kind of computer (PC or Mac) and operating system.

You can fiddle around and find them or seek info on Google. Also, you can use your mouse's scroll button with the Ctrl key, or other combination. But in this last case, you have to make sure your cursor is active somewhere on the screen (usually indicated by blinking).


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