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I log in on both a Mac and a PC. Lately, the last week or so, maybe longer now, the editor panel of the window is "grayed" and not active. If I want to bold or anything, I have to hard code them with b and i and all within square brackets ] [ (The other way, of course: the meta-programming makes it hard to show coding examples.)

Even when I select Posting Options at the bottom, all I get is a larger box, not an active control panel.

For web links, I can enter "a href equals ..." and all that, but it gets cumbersome.

What has changed here that I need to update on my side?

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I dealt with this offline recently, so I have an answer.

You can now toggle between HTML mode and RTF mode in the editor, but in the upgrade, they left in some of the older commands people used to do for this.

For some reason, the editor now starts in HTML mode (for me at least). So if you want the rich text editor, you have to click on the little button up to the left on top. Here is a screenshot with the button highlighted:


That will toggle you back and forth between the two editors, but without making all the code appear for HTML.

If you want the HTML code to appear, there is a box you can check called "Enable HTML?" that appears below the writing field when you first edit--or it appears on the side when you go to "Use Full Editor."

I think you should only click that if you are embedding a video--and even then, only after your post is to your liking. Like I said, it will make all the HTML code appear in the writing field and disable the RTF mode. Be careful. If you change your mind and uncheck the box, it still preserves the code. Then you will have a mess to clean up if you want to go back to RTF mode.

I wish it were simpler, but that's the way it works.


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