Happy Birthday!

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Ain't no other way to say it...

I can think of another way...but I can't find that Sun Ra birthday video, I posted it in a prior year. Pink Elephants will have to do.

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Hmmm, can you have your cake and eat it too?

Happy Birthday Robert

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Happy birthday to one of our favorite members.

May you have oodles of great days (years) in good health and prosperity.

And may you keep on pissing off pompous knuckleheads until they choke on their bile or change.

I'm not a "pompous knucklehead" and I'm not "pissed off."


you didn't think you'd get that by me did you?

I'm so vain--I flew my Lear Jet up to Nova Scotia to see a total eclipse of the sun--and I think I wrote that line

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