Are you going to the TAS "Summit" in D.C.?

Jerry Biggers

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I haven't seen much discussion of this immanent event here on OL, and not much elsewhere with the exception, of course, of the TAS website. It doesn't seem to have engendered much discussion. Maybe I've missed it.

The conference starts tomorrow, well actually Friday. Theres just a reception Thursday night. The conference length has been pared down from a week to three days, As a result, the official presentations last into the evenings, and consequently, time allotments for the participant-sponsored sessions have been cut significantly.

Missing from the list of presenters are Nathaniel Branden, Barbara Branden, and perhaps more surprisingly, Professor Tibor Machan, who has been a regular for many past TAS conferences. Another "rising star," popular at recent conferences, Bradley Doucet, from Quebec, is not listed

A new addition Sociology Professor Anne Wortham, who was scheduled to give a presentation on the "Sociology of The Fountainhead," cancelled, for unstated reasons. Professor Wortham would have been especially interesting, being a black female (who was "converted" by reading Atlas Shrugged while serving with the Peace Corps in Africa) published a groundbreaking study on race relations in the 1970s.

Inevitably, there are sessions planned around the Atlas Shrugged, Part Two movie, scheduled to be released, with a completely new cast (?) this fall.. Hopefully, this movie will not sink or be a no-show at the box office like its predecessor.

Don't get me wrong, there are many good presenters - and topics - scheduled. Check out the schedule,here's the web link:

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