Abortion/Rights of the Unborn


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Morality is opinion. What is your opinion. I don't approve of infanticide myself. That is my opinion.

Since morality does not flow from the laws of physics and nature one cannot make an empirically based moral pronouncement.

We know force is the change of momentum with respect to time.

What is morality? It surely is not fact or derived from fact in the same way physical laws are.

Ba'al Chatzaf

Morality is drived from human nature hence it's objectifiable.


And non quantifiable and non-testable. Which is why there are so many moral systems. It is the antithesis of physical science. It is not subject to empirical test and possible falsification.

Let us know when you can, in strict and empirically testable terms, derive human morality from the epigenetics of the human genome.

Until then it is hot air and word salad.

Have you not wondered why physical science succeeds where ethics, morality and aesthetics flounders and fails?

Ba'al Chatzaf

Philosophy is not science. You cannot "empirically testable" your own, non-scientific statements. Basically there are two moralities, sacrifice and not sacrifice, make a choice and say why. You affirm philosophy every time you deny its validity. Morality as subjective means/implies morality as objective, somewhere.


The meta statements apply to the theory. The object statements apply to the physical world. A statement about physics is not an assertion of a physical theory who subject is the natural world itself independent of world states brought about by humans.

Keep the meta level and the object level separate.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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