[Atlasphere]Founders College Launches Beta Web Site

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FoundersWeb_Logo.gifWe just received the following announcement:


There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding the startup of Founders College — the greatest revolution in higher education of our lifetime. You can be the first to get the real deal (not the media mush) on this exciting project by checking out
. Whether you’re a friend or just curious about the project, you’re getting a first look because you’re a rational, prolific, powerful web communicator. There will be many exciting milestones to come — announcement of our location, full faculty listing, and much, much more — and we’ll be in touch along the way.


Tamara K. Fuller

Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer

Founders College Education, Inc.

Their web site looks like a good start to a great idea. (I mean, who could not love that logo?)

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