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Recently, I subscribed to RSS feeds to bring to Objectivist Living the lastest news and media mentions of Ayn Rand and Objectivism on the web as an added resource for our members. (RSS stands for really simple syndication). These are posted automatically, and are from several sources: Randex, Yahoo (search term: "Objectivism" and Google ("Ayn Rand"). In the "Corners of Insight" we get notices from Robert Bidnotto's Blog and Free Market Network News (FMNN) where Tibor Machan is a syndicated columnist. The source of the feed is indicated in brackets.

We have been flooded with these automated posts from the RSS feeds. I certainly didn't expect to receive so many posts this way and they just keep on coming. I am trying to keep these somewhat pruned back by deleting duplicates and ones with little relevency. The FMNN is generally interesting but generates a ton of posts, so unless it is our friend Tibor Machan (in which case I will manually add a byline), I will delete those after a day or so if not commented on. I will also be pruning away at the news feeds as well.

Some people have mentioned that they do not like the automated posts from the RSS feeds appearing in the "View New Posts" menu. It took a little running around with Invision's tech support and an outside tech support board, but I have finally resolved that issue and they are out of the View New Posts now. All the RSS feeds will be going to their respective subforums that I have created just for them: Feeds from Randex, Yahoo and Google are in News and Interesting Articles, Free Market Network News is in Tibor Machan's Corner; and Bidinotto Blog is in Robert Bidnotto's Corner. (Notablog's feed is incompatible with our software at this time so it is not included.)

I hope you enjoy this new feature on OL. If you ever have any ideas or suggestions for OL, please let us know.


(aka News Junkie)

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