Changes to Corners of Insight

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Changes to Corners of Insight

I got an offline suggestion and I thought it was a great idea.

I have rearranged the Corners of Insight a little bit. Some who were in "Corners of Further Insight" have been moved out to the normal "Corners of Insight" and some have been moved in.

I also put them in general alphabetical order, except for the actual placement of "Corners of Further Insight" and the ARI and TAS Corners, which stayed in the same place as before.

Part of the decision of where to place things was totally objective and part was totally subjective, as befits any interior decorating.

But at least it's a bit tidier.


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This is on a different topic, but can you tell me how to change my avatar (the pic on the upper left)?. For some reason, the new format automatically changed it to the pic you see now, but I wanted to return to the one I used before.

I figured this out earlier, but I can't seem to figure it out now. I might have simply forgotten, and this is probably what has happened. but I thought the new system might be a little different.



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I imagine you click on your name at the top, go to "My Settings" and change the photo.

Irrespective of that, on checking, I see that they new version of the forum software is now integrated with Gravatar.

I suggest you go there and set yourself up an account. This will make your photo/avatar issues a lot simpler all over the web. Even Wordpress has integrated with Gravatar.

If you have further problems, let me know.


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