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PJ Moriarty

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Hello. Unfortunately I don't have the honored distinction of being the only man smarter than Sherlock Holmes. I also don't run a criminal empire. But a man can dream.

Figured I would join this site at the suggestion of a friend.

A little bit about myself: I'm a philosophy major, intending on continuing this pointless concentration on into graduate school next year. I'm mostly interested in topics regarding the philosophy of science and ontological issues therein. I've been into Objectivism for about 5 years now. I discovered Rand, as many do, around the end of high school. I maintain what many here will deem "orthodox" Objectivist views, however I fancy myself more freethinking than the caricature many create of a guy who agrees with Rand's philosophy through and through. I admire Peikoff and OPAR encouraged me to pursue philosophy more deeply, but I think he's made some rather asinine decisions and made rather asinine remarks, especially since the launch of his podcast. I don't care about splits and schisms. I like the people within the movement that I like and if people have a problem with that, oh well.

So yeah, that's me.

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