ItOE: Who Were Profs. A-M

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I'm getting ready to re-visit ItOE, and I wonder if anyone knows who any of these various professors were. The only one I know is that "G" was supposedly Allan Gotthelf, from his own claim on HBL, which someone emailed me many years ago. Unfortunately, I can't locate it. But it seems so many on this list actually knew A.R., so I think this is the best chance to find out.

Page of first entry into discussions (some additional pages for less frequent participants):

A - p. 137;

B - p. 139

C - p. 141

D - p. 141

E - p. 144

F - p. 153

G - p. 159 Allan Gotthelf; 275;281;

H - p. 188;200;233;295-6;299;

I - p. 195

J - p. 196

K - p. 245;245;251;264-5

L - p. 275

M - p. 302-3;

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In the intro to the transcripts it says that Rand was giving a workshop to "professionals," which is what "prof." is apparently supposed to mean. It does give the impression however that they are professors.

-Neil Parille

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