The Atlas Shrugged Movie - A Call to Action

Ed Hudgins

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The Atlas Shrugged Movie—A Call to Action

From David Kelley and Edward Hudgins

With less than a month to go until the theatrical release of Atlas Shrugged Part 1, we urge all donors and friends of The Atlas Society to help make it a success

The film was made as an independent project. It does not have a major studio to promote and distribute it. While independence gave the producers freedom to create a true adaptation of Ayn Rand's great novel, it also makes distribution a bootstrap operation.

For the opening weekend, April 15-17, the producers are booking the film into twelve major target markets—Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami, Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles—with multiple theaters in most areas. With a good turnout that first weekend, theaters showing the film will extend its run and theaters in other markets will be more likely to book the film for the weeks that follow.

Filling those theaters April 15-17 is the first hurdle the film must clear if it is to achieve the impact that it can and should have.

Both of us have seen the film at advance screenings. We can say without reservation that it is not only true to the novel in plot and theme, but also a beautiful, powerful film in its own right. We know you are as eager to see the film as we are. It has been a long wait.

But this call to action concerns the wider impact the film can have in our culture and politics. Film is the predominant art form of our era. It has always seemed obvious that a film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged, if well-made, could bring its message to a wider audience. Well, the producers have delivered a well-made film. Now we can help them reach that audience.

With less than a month to go, it is important that we act in an effective and coordinated way. Here are five steps you can take now to make a difference:

1) Purchase advanced tickets.

If you live in one of the market areas where the film will open, buy tickets for the opening weekend (April 15 to 17, 2011) as soon as possible. Advanced ticket sales are an indication of demand. Everyone's watching. Let's sell out early.

Currently booked theaters are listed here. Tickets are already on sale at these theaters.

If you live near one of the markets where the film will open, don't wait for it to come to your neighborhood. Get together with friends, trek to the nearest venue where it's playing, and make it a movie night on opening weekend.

If you would like to purchase a block of tickets or hold a "special event" at one of the theaters playing the film, contact the film's producers.

2) Sign up for the newsletter.

Go to the film's official "Get Involved" page and sign up for the newsletter. That is the most efficient way for the producers to send you news and information.

3) Promote the film through Facebook.

Go to the film's Official Facebook fan page.

a) If you're not a Facebook member, sign up!

b)Click on the "Like" button for the film's page.

c) Click on the "Events" icon in the sidebar, then click on the "Opening Night" link for the area closest to you, and hit the "I'm attending" button. You won't be purchasing a ticket but indicating your desire to see the movie. You will then receive updates from the producers about your city's event. You will also be able to see who else is attending, and discuss the details of the event.

d) Share your city's event on your own Facebook page! Click on the event, then choose the "share" hyperlink beneath the title. This will post the event on your own wall and share it with anyone in your network who is not yet connected to The Atlas Shrugged Movie.

4) Spread the word and make some noise!

Word of mouth is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal for drumming up interest in seeing the movie.

a) Email information about the film to people in your email address book;

b)Engage in online discussions about the film;

c) Tell people in your work place and community about the film, especially if you're engaged with Tea Party activists, political coalitions, and the like;

d) Make your immediate and extended family aware of the film and have a family night at the movies.

e) Buy some merchandise! The Atlas Shrugged movie Web site is now selling t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and more.

These are a great way to start a conversation with someone. But even if no one comments, people will still notice and think about the upcoming movie. Plus, it's a fun memento and a direct way to support the film.

Along with the other Atlas Society staff, we have been helping the producers develop and implement their promotion strategy. Now we need your help for the final leg of the race.

Some advocates of liberty have come out strongly for the film, recognizing its power to convey the moral grandeur of producers in a capitalist system and the squalid immorality of those who would shackle them. But others have carped about the few shortcomings of this production. The Ayn Rand Institute has done nothing to promote the film.

It is up to us, the open Objectivists, to speak for Objectivism. We understand the meaning of Rand's work but also know that it must be conveyed in forms adapted to new audiences and new media. It is up to us to stand and be counted… to help this film spread the word on a scale beyond anything we have imagined before. But first we must cross the hurdle of the theatrical release.

Success at the opening will be determined, not by the millions of people this film may some day reach, but by the thousands who buy tickets now. That's incredible leverage. Let's use it!

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Ed, your letter/announcement was emailed me yesterday. Since I didn't see it on this website yesterday, I already created a thread for it:

"The Time is NOW to Help the Movie Succeed"

and explained why people should pitch in and join TAS on this.

Edited by Philip Coates
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