Poem: The Age of Love Won

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The kid's could go out and play, have fun.

The inventors could invent and profit would come.

The children couldn't invent but ideas would run

into a beautiful life where imagination began.

The teachers would teach concrete, so reality won.

And the wishful wouldn't get anywhere, they'd run:

dreaming and screaming, in many tantrums and fits.

Most would learn to be reasonable and just use it.

Teenager's could love, and learn from their mistakes -

for most of them learned for they were well raised.

Yet the children of tantrums took posts of change:

philosophy, psychology, pedagogy and the world changed.

And so the philosophers said love was blind or false,

for love is something men of tantrums couldn't attain.

In their envy they decided to ruin all of those

that didn't hold love and sexuality in places of shame.

So the teachers taught dreams, and the age of love begun.

The future politicians became the parasites of the young.

They'd all throw tantrums wishfully for what they can't win.

And that is the story of how modern socialism had beginnings!

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