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The Objectivist Center and Atlas Society will hold their 17th Annual Summer Seminar conference July 1–8, 2006, on the campus of Chapman University. The Chapman campus is located in Orange, California, close to Orange County/John Wayne Airport, Disneyland, Huntingdon Beach, and of course everything else in the Los Angeles area. The Seminar program and registration information will be available in early 2006.

Stay tuned.

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Kat, Becky and I were thrilled to discover the location for next year's Summer Seminar. It will be just three miles from our home!

I have submitted several program proposals, including a musical performance, to Will Thomas. I'm hoping at least one of them is accepted.

I presented papers in 2002 and 2003 to the TOC Advanced Seminar, but I've never presented to or even attended the regular Summer Seminar. This will be a first, and a happy one, because Becky and I will both be able to attend!

More later!


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The TOC Summer Seminar program is up and it is terrific! The big problem I'm going to have is deciding which talk to attend in a given timeslot!


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Jim is so right. The events for July's TOC Summer Seminar look great!

Becky and I will both be attending, so in some cases, we will split up so as to cover two desirable events scheduled in the same time slot, then compare notes later.

But one event I'm sure I will be attending is the concert Tuesday night. :-)


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Here is an overview of the events for easy browsing compiled from the TOC site. Lecture and event descriptions and times are given on the TOC site - just click on the day the event is scheduled (on the left of the screen in a section called "Event Materials") and scroll down. Also, a schedule-at-a-glance for the full week is available on the TOC site, but you need Adobe Acrobat for it.


TOC 2006 Summer Seminar – Lectures and Events

Objectivism in Theory and Practice

Chapman University in Orange, California

July 1 - 8, 2006


  • (There are Participant Sponsored Sessions and free time randomly interspersed between scheduled events.)
  • About TOC: Q&A Session
  • Common Room (which will also include -1- toast American Independence Day and -2- Recount the day's adventures on July 5, “free day”)
  • How to Write for the New Individualist—Robert Bidinotto
  • Optional full evening function: TOC/TAS Sponsors Dinner—Site to be announced
  • Group Photograph
  • Closing Banquet and Dance

Art and Aesthetics

  • (Evening Arts Series) Vox Americana: More of The Best of Berton Braley—Performed by Linda Tania Abrams
  • 100 Years of the Blues—Robert Campbell, Ph.D.
  • Kant and Modern Art—Stephen Hicks, Ph.D.
  • (Evening Arts Series) Composer on a Bare Mountain: The Life and Music of Modest Mussorgsky—Michael Shapiro, M.A.
  • Fiction Writing: Lessons from Ayn Rand —Erika Holzer, J.D.
  • Ayn Rand vs. the German Romantics—Jack Criss
  • (Evening Arts Series) Romantic and Jazz Music: Performance with Commentary—Roger Bissell and Ben Di Tosti
  • Anthem: a new theatrical adaptation—Duncan Scott and friends

Applied Objectivism

  • Collecting Rare Ayn Rand Books and Documents for Pleasure and Profit, Plus: Ayn Rand’s Playboy Interview: The Unpublished Papers—Michael Keith Montagna and Don Hauptman
  • Children and the Embodiment of Objectivism— Marsha Enright, M.A. (2-part lecture)
  • Yoga Practice for Objectivists—Jay Friedenberg, Ph.D.
  • Eliminating the Altruistic Baggage—Joseph Rowlands, M.S.
  • The Objectivist History Project: Exclusive New Interviews—Duncan Scott
  • Rage and Objectivism—Barbara Branden, M.A.
  • Heroes and Role Models—Philip Coates
  • The Positive Psychology Movement—Robert Campbell, Ph.D, and Joe Duarte
  • The Joy of Entrepreneurship—Jack Criss
  • At the Signpost Up Ahead: Galt's Gulch... Fiction and Reality in Building an Objectivist Community—Barbara Branden, M.A. and Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D., with Duncan Scott
  • The Implications of Love—Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.
  • The Habits of Excellence—Stephen Nahm
  • The Virtues of Homemaking—Molly Johnson


  • Empiricism, Hold the Skepticism: Locke, Hume, and Rand—Shawn Klein, M.A. (3-part lecture)
  • Atlas Shrugged as a Philosophical Novel—David Kelley, Ph.D. & William Thomas, M.A. (6-part lecture)
  • Knowledge without Omniscience—Christopher Robinson, Ph.D.
  • An Introduction to Cognitive Science—Jay Friedenberg, Ph.D. (2-part lecture)
  • Who is an "Objectivist"?—William Thomas, M.A.
  • Wittgenstein's Naturalist Ethics?—Tibor Machan, Ph.D.
  • Aristotelian Ethics for Objectivists—Alexander Cohen, M.A., J.D. (2-part lecture)
  • The Content of Perception—David Kelley, Ph.D.
  • Limited vs. Small Government—William Thomas, M.A.
  • Neuroscience and the Measure of Man—Walter Donway
  • Panel on Cognitive Science and Philosophy—Jay Friedenberg, Ph.D., Walter Donway, and David Kelley, Ph.D.

Political /Cultural

  • The State of the Culture 2006—Edward Hudgins, Ph.D.
  • Eminent Domain Abuse: Its Philosophical Roots—Timothy M. Sandefur, J.D.
  • American Exceptionalism—C.A. Baylor, M.A.
  • Individualism and Community—Edward Hudgins, Ph.D.
  • The Anatomy of Cooperation—Robert Bidinotto
  • Classical Greece's Lessons for Objectivism—Philip Coates
  • Politics, Faith, and God's Non-Existence—Tibor Machan, Ph.D.
  • Overcoming Ethical Relativism in the College Classroom—Susan Dawn Wake

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Well, I'm really glad to hear that you're all going to the TOC summer seminar as it means I will get to meet all you guys in person. :D I went for the first time last year and had a wonderful time.

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This is just a reminder that the early registration discount for the TOC summer seminar is ending. You need to register by May 8 for the $200 discount for the week. Here are links to the conference brochure, a schedule, and you can register online here. Unfortunately, Erica Holzer will not be giving her talk on Fiction Writing Lessons from Ayn Rand.

Michael and I are registered for the full week and many Objectivist Living members and friends are coming including Barbara, Nathaniel, Roger and Becky, Phil, Marsha and John, Tibor, Robert, Biddibob, Ed, James, Jordan, Fran and others. This promises to be a very exciting week!

Michael and I are looking forward to meeting many of you this summer. :D/


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Here is the latest message from TOC about the summer seminar...

"Atlas" Movie Producers at Summer Seminar! Registration Deadline Extended

We've received the exciting news that Howard and Karen Baldwin, who are producing the movie of Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged, have agreed to speak at The Atlas Society/Objectivist Center Summer Seminar.

In light of this information and to allow potential or registered attendees to adjust their schedules, we are extending the early registration deadline -- which gives you a discount! -- by one week, to May 15th.

The Baldwins, who co-produced the Oscar-winning movie "Ray," will be at our event on Friday, July 7, probably in the afternoon; we thus will be rearranging the schedule and will post and email you concerning the changes.

Lionsgate has taken an option to finance and distribute "Atlas." Atlas Society/Objective Center Trustee John Aglialoro owns the movie rights and is executive producer on the film with Howard Baldwin. The Baldwins also will try to bring with them other principals involved in the movie to the Summer Seminar. Director? Stars? We will keep you all informed!

As a reminder, the Summer Seminar will be held from July 1 through July 7 at Chapman University in beautiful, sunny Orange, California!

Other speakers at the Summer Seminar will include David Kelley, Edward Hudgins, Robert Bidinotto, Will Thomas, Joe Rowlands, Nathaniel Branden, Barbara Branden, Tibor Machan, Marsha Enright, Robert Campbell and many others. You'll find PDF files of the schedule-at-a-glance and the full, downloadable conference brochure on our website. The schedule changes will be posted on the website.

Take a 5-part course on "Atlas Shrugged as a Philosophical Novel" or a mini-course on "Empiricism Without Skepticism: Locke, Hume and Rand."

Hear a two-part "Introduction to Cognitive Science" with complementary talks on "The Content of Perception" and "Neuroscience and the Nature of Man."

Learn about "Children and the Embodiment of Objectivism," "Eliminating the Altruist Baggage," "Heroes and Role Models," "The Joys of Entrepreneurship" and "The Habits of Excellence."

Delve into "Individualism and Community," "The Anatomy of Cooperation," "American Exceptionalism," "Overcoming Ethical Relativism in the College Classroom" and "Eminent Domain Abuse."

Enjoy poetry readings, classical music and jazz in our Evening Arts Series.

Outside of the formal program, which offers 50 presentations from over 30 expert faculty, you'll have plenty of time to share your own ideas in "participant- sponsored sessions," to join in impromptu sports with fellow participants, to take advantage of campus fitness facilities or, of course, to enjoy the California beaches!

The event site is conveniently located near Orange County/John Wayne Airport, Disneyland, Huntington Beach and is just down the road from all the other Los Angeles area and Hollywood attractions.

The Summer Seminar always offers intellectual stimulation and spiritual renewal in an open, tolerant and benevolent atmosphere with like-minded, friendly individuals.

You can register for the full event or for part of the conference as fits your schedule. Complete conference details, costs and online registration or call at 202-AYN-RAND (296- 7263). Sign up by May 8th and receive an early registration discount!

Join us in our little "Atlantis" for the Galt's Gulch and Atlas movie experience!

The Atlas Society & The Objectivist Center

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I hope a lot of you will be attending the TOC Con next month. I have a question for Roger or anyone else familiar with the area where they are holding the summer seminar next month. Is it worthwhile to fly into SNA Orange County (SNA) instead of Los Angeles (LAX)? Aside from the on-campus housing, which hotels/motels are nearby for people staying off-campus? If I go to Expedia, which city do I choose... Orange has about a dozen cities as options. What else is in the area, restaurants, shopping, etc. I have never been to California.

Also, I am wondering if we are all just going to meet at the opening BBQ or shall we plan on maybe getting together for lunch or meeting as a smaller group first.

I am looking forward to meeting many of my OL friends at TOC Con!


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Kat, John Wayne (aka Orange County) Airport aka SNA is much closer to the site of the Summer Seminar than Los Angeles/LAX Airport. If the price difference is not too great, and you can get a decent schedule, it makes all the sense in the world to use SNA rather than LAX.

I don't know about motels &c close to Chapman University. My recommendation is that you use on-campus housing, if you can afford it. But I will try to come up with a list of several nearby motel options, maybe sometime Sunday evening.

Chapman U. is very close to "Old Town" Orange, which has a number of "international"-flavored restaurants and cafes. There are two major shopping malls in the area, but not within walking distance.

Don't get Orange (the city) mixed up with Orange County. If you want to search for information on accomodations etc., be sure to specify "the city of Orange" in your google search.

On the Saturday of the BBQ, I will be working at Disneyland until about 3:30 or so, and I will go directly from there to the seminar site. So, I won't be available for a mid-day lunch-hang. I look forward to meeting everyone at the cookout that evening, along with my wife Becky and our friend Bill Dwyer from Northern California, who will be staying with us that week.

All 4 now,


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Cool! That's so exciting - what kind of work do you do at Disney Land, Roger?

[i was going to ask "Are you Mickey Mouse?" but I figured that that would elicit rolled-eyes and groans from you...]

Are you working there on Wednesday, the free day, too, cos if you are we could all come and see you //;-)) Play tricks on you... ;-)

Seriously, I'm hoping a bunch of people will go to Disney Land on the Wednesday cos I really want to.

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Fran, no, I'm not Mickey Mouse! He's the one who writes my paychecks. //;-)) I'm a trombone player in the Disneyland Band, the one that marches around and plays standup and sitdown mini-concerts in the front part of the park.

I'm off Tuesday and Wednesday -- but actually almost all week, the week of the Seminar. (It's possible I will get a call to work with one of the other groups in DL on Wednesday, and I may take it, but I am inclined to want to keep the time open for visiting with new and old friends that day, when our schedule allows more leisurely chatting.)

I've working at DL for nearly 21 years now, and it has been a good gig. It has paid the bills, so that I can afford to pursue my various hobbies, including philosophy, of course. :-)

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I've flown into John Wayne Airport (SNA) before. It may be a little more expensive than flying into LAX, but it will be much more convenient.

Robert Campbell

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I can't wait till July 1. I will be arriving about 4 pm on the 1st at the confernce and I am going to the bbq. This will be my fifth conference. I've already met some of you but I am looking forward to meeting all of you. I plan to start checking this forum for further info. Thanks.

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I have just found out that Logan Darrow Clements will be at the Summer Seminar. This is great news. Logan is doing things in the real world and fighting the horrors of eminent domain in creative ways.

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Here is the latest message from TOC about the summer seminar...

Tracey Ross, John Aglialoro to Speak at Summer Seminar!

HOT OFF THE PRESS UPDATE: We have two exciting last-minute additions to The Atlas Society/Objectivist Center Summer Seminar: TV celebrity Tracey Ross and Atlas Shrugged movie executive producer John Aglialoro! The event will be held from July 1 through July 7 at Chapman University in beautiful, sunny Orange, California.

Tracey Ross is a big Ayn Rand fan. She's a star of NBC's soap opera "Passions." She has also appeared in shows like "Ryan's Hope" and "The Cosby Show" as well as in motion pictures. And soon she'll appear as a speaker at The Atlas Society/Objectivist Center Summer Seminar closing banquet, on Friday, July 7. She will also be attending the conference itself on that day.

Ross was featured in a recent issue of The New Individualist. You can read the interview here.

In that interview Ross states that she modeled her villain character in her TV show after a character in Rand's novel The Fountainhead. But she herself is more like a Randian hero. She came from a family of card- carrying communists but reading Rand brought her to rational individualism.

John Aglialoro has been a long-time Trustee of The Atlas Society and its Objectivist Center. He also holds the movie rights to Atlas Shrugged and, with Howard Baldwin, is co-executive producer for the planned movie of Rand's magnum opus. John will say a few words at the closing banquet on Friday.

He'll also join Howard and Karen Baldwin, both Atlas producers, Friday afternoon to discuss the status of the movie.

If you have not yet signed up for our Summer Seminar but want to meet these extraordinary individuals as well as experience a week of excitement and intellectual stimulation, the registration deadline is now! You can view the full schedule on our website and sign up there or call us at 202-AYN-RAND (296-7263).

If you want to receive The New Individualist regularly -- getting your copies well before content in posted online and getting all the fine photos and graphics that are not posted at all! -- subscribe today . Or you can become a member of The Atlas Society, with its Objectivist Center, and receive this publication as well as other benefits and help spread the philosophy of reason, achievement, individualism and freedom.

Hope to see you soon in California for the Galt's Gulch experience!

The Atlas Society & The Objectivist Center



phone: 202 296-7263


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Becky and I -- and our Northern California pal, Bill Dwyer -- will be registering about 4:30 PM on Saturday, then going through the newcomer orientation, then chowing down and chatting up new friends at the cookout at 6:00 PM. See you there!


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Kat and I are arriving tomorrow (Friday), but have a very special visit lined up - a once in a lifetime event - a high point. After all these years, I am finally going to meet Barbara Branden face to face.

As for the rest, we plan to meet many, many wonderful people - most particularly, some of our good friends on OL.


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Your excitement is palpable! I don't really do envy but I feel pretty close to it. I would love to share the experience. Enjoy, my friend.

It's not for me this year. Maybe next time. I hope everyone has a great time. I look forward to the stories.


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