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No one seems to know who I am at all,

At times I feel that I am all alone;

Now I'll just pass everyone in the hall,

While keeping my mood and depressing tone

I think too much and show it off daily,

I gain wisdom through other people's lives:

“Stay calm and when your vision is hazy,

Remember to relax and compromise.

They go through one ear and out the other-

The words that I have taken for granted-

Maybe one day I will find another,

Somebody that will keep me enchanted.

I'll tell you "Cross my heart and hope to die."

And you'll respond with a sarcastic sigh..


We should be free..

From all hostility..

But instead we dream..

Of how we should be..

We should be fair..

And treat all life with care..

But instead we dare..

To be so unfair..

We are impaired.


I live in a world, filled with broken dreams; the world called 'reality' I just cant let be. Since reality is full of hypocrisy-Ill gladly create a separate world for me. I can no longer remain in this land of pain; Ill run from myself to the world I've made, and there I'll make myself a different name...while the world called 'reality' still stays the same.

It seems that no one here can see the truth anymore, but there are few like me who knew the truth before; the people who wont stand the lies anymore, create a world of pretend from themselves to explore. We are different from those who fail to realize, that the world they live in hides behind lies; we will keep ourselves boxed inside, away from 'reality', which others idolize.


I can't pretend that I can

Lift myself up off the floor

When I fall I can't get up

And laugh it off anymore

Every time I fail it seems

You're watching me from above

And every time I don't it seems

You still wont accept my love.


Why can't I understand the fact

That we will never be

No matter how hard I look I

I still can't find my destiny


As I think about my passion

While Im gazing at the moon

Why dont I take action

Instead of sitting inside of my room?

My lack of motivation

Keeps me from looking in any direction

Until I receive some inspiration

Ill be stuck in isolation.


Shes there

Standing at a distance

Taking me apart with her eyes

She fades

Away into the darkness

Shes calling my name, calling my name

So Ill blindly run

Into the darkness that she leads me through

And I cant pretend that I have been here before

So Ill take this chance

And as I fall I close my eyes

And once again her voice calls out

In my silent reverie

I fall

Faster now my descent

Stronger my love for her grows

Her voice

Softer than it once was

Keeps me asleep through the night

Shes calling my name, calling my name

Shes reaching out to me

Her voice, a whisper now

Speaks my name again

I lift my eyes and see her face

So Ill blindly run


I stand alone

And no one knows

How lonely I feel

I sit back down

And turn around

And wait for my soul to heal

Inside my mind

I realize

What I truly am today

I am an outcast

And I will not last

As long as you push me away.


Our vision started out so clear

But in the end we've ended up in fear

Our live are ruled by our desires

Our dreams started out so pure

But we've found we don't want anymore

Our sins have turned us into liars

And we need our souls to be set on fire


For all of the time that I have spent--lost, alone, and often bent--forward I will press until the horizon sinks under the passing--views I've forgotten. Falling faster into the night sky, I dream of a place where I am alive--able to speak and able to share, all of these thoughts--in bitter despair.

Too many faces for me to remember-harder to think with this curious ember; burning inside of my inner dimensions, spreading so slowly-I'm losing my vision. Further behind; I seem to keep falling, into this darkness-steady I'm calling: Calling out for those who will listen-those who will know of my hopeless condition.

I wonder at times why I am so broken, falling alone, nothing is spoken; Why is it that you remain quiet, while my soul breaks in a desperate riot? I know that you hear me, but I am not certain, of where I may find you-Ill pull back the curtains. The curtains that keep you clear out of sight, and then you will see me-in undeserving light.

Take me apart and spread out the pieces-see what I am as my eyesight decreases: Maybe then you could stop me from falling, catch me in your eyes that are so delightfully haunting. I hope for the day when we finally meet, together with you I would finally sleep-but until you are mine I can only dream, that soon will catch me soon--this is my theme.

I have more but this is enough for now. :)

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