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GOP Delegate Races and Heats, graphically



Here's some graphic in a good way perspective on pre-Iowa boasts and hoopla. From the way wonkish blog FrontloadHQ. Below this image on Josh Putnam's 2016 Primary Calendar entry are some condensed details on all coming heats in the rates. It is apparent that a whole lot of pain is going to go down on Super Tuesday, the biggest mass on the map:


Now, for more fun, look back and forth between the two maps and see contours of the delegate numbers game.


-- yup, no one is counting birds in the bag just yet. And the first crows to be strangled on February 2nd are still flying free. The strangled crow metaphor almost turns into numbers, but no. Just 30 delegates, split proportionally

For a different graphic representation, with details such as delegate numbers and percentages in serried rows over time, this is from Red State's work Previewing The GOP Presidential Primary Calendar | Backloaded To Stop An Insurgent, from last October.

The page also contains details on winner-take all, proportion, hybrid schemes in various states.


Source: Donald Trump


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