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Goodbye to the horrid pseudo intellectual self congratulatory circle jerk that is Objectivist Living. What a horrendous waste of time this has been.

I have started my own forum "Practical Objectivism" here [link removed]

Any replies in the vein of "dont let the door hit you" will only further prove you for the moth eaten worms you are. (Not intended for the handful of supporters I had or any lurkers who do not post)


Cherryl Taggart's ghost

Edited by Kat
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I don't know what righteously pissed you off, young lady, but to flounce off calling us names and then promoting your new forum seems silly.

If there was something going on that made you unhappy you should have reported it to my attention. People are free to come and go as they please.

I'm removing the link. It's a sanction of the victim thing. I'm sure you will understand.

Good luck.


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Just to be clear, our general policy is the same as it always is: what is good for the poster is good for OL.

Kat and I discussed this. She had not seen any of the interaction with Pippi before, so her very first impression of Pippi was this thread. You have to admit, this is a lousy first impression.

I think Pippe is a good kid and I wish her well. Kat and I also agreed that if she wants to post her link here in a civil manner so folks know how to reach her, that's fine.

As for her here on OL, nothing on our end changed. She is not moderated or banned or anything like that. What she does is her own choice and decision.

EDIT: Incidentally, I moved this thing to the Garbage Pile due to the, er... colorful language of the opening post.


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