For sale: My unpublished works and notes of 30 years

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What's worse, Robert Murphy was the easy part.



I don't know, if that's how Philip argues against anarchism I'm gonna guess that George mopped the floor with him in their debate.


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> No more Mister Nice Guy from Robert Murphy, former candidate for the LP presidential nomination.

Your story is a perfect example of why anarcho-capitalism won't work.

If you actually stop and think it through.


Check this out.

It ain't over.

What's worse, Robert Murphy was the easy part.



Check out what?


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Crowdfunding is for short-term projects.

That's the main reason it came into being.

In fact, I suggest you do your thing differently if 1,000 bucks is all you need. Just set up the project on one of those sites, lay it out in terms attractive to the public and tell everyone who contributes that they will get their name in your book as a Patron of Great Literature.

Then promote the hell out of the project in Objectivist/libertarian circles, or even mainstream if you can get someone's attention. (It does make for a good story, you being you and all, so why not?)

I'm serious.

You don't need to sell your notes.

How about this? You could offer a limited CD set along the lines you are thinking--in addition to the mention in your book--for people who donate over a certain amount. Everybody else just gets the mention, which is a good thing all by itself. Hell, make up a Benefactor Deed or Angel Liberator of Genius Certificate or whatever to go with it, signed personally by you.

I bet a thing like that--something you might think of as hokey--would become a collector's item later. (btw - That's a selling point, too.)


I'm not selling my rights to my notes. I could still use them for whatever purpose.

How about this?

A one of a kind item for $100,000: MY PERSONAL COMPUTER! Fully loaded with all documents, 3000 jazz albums, cute pictures of my dog, interesting pictures of some former girlfriends, and rare footage of a porno film I appeared in during the 1970s, during the filming of an orgy scene. Fortunately for me, perhaps,, you don't see a lot of my face, but there are there some fascinating close-ups And as the passion builds to its explosive climax, you see me ..uh,

Suffice it to say that there were considerable advantages to hanging out with renowned Objectivist, porn producer and star, John Stagliano. I met him c. 1971, before he went into porn; he was an enthusiastic Randian and libertarian. John talked about moving to Hawaii to perform in live sex shows for Japanese businessmen. He eventually did this and raised enough capital to start his own porn production company, one the more successful ones. His films were alway reviewed in Hustler, and nearly always received the highest possible rating, "fully erect."

John hit the peak of his success with his series of "Buttman" flicks. I don't believe I ever saw one of those, but, being a smart fellow, I could figure out the recurring theme.

Now this next part is very explicit, so all you rational puritans out there should read it only while peeking through your fingers and giggling.

John Stagliano coined a celebrated 3-word sentence, one that has been repeated by many comics, writers, etc. So what is this line?

Pussies are bullshit.

What does this line mean? Here is a passage from Pornoland, with photos by Stefano De Luigi, and text by Martin Amis. My annotations are in brackets.

Pussies are bullshit. Don't let them tell you any different. "Answer me something," I said to John Stagliano. We were stepping out of the porno home -- on to the porno patio with its porno pool. This was Malibu. Down the slope and beyond the road lay the Pacific Ocean; but the Staglianos have no access to its porno show, in the evening they can watch the porno susest...[More crappy writing deleted. The pics are good though. Hey, isn't that XXX? Wow! But I digess}...

"Answer me something. How do you account for the emphasis not just in your work but in the industry in general, how do you account for the truly incredible emphasis on anal sex? [Great topic for an OL thread, don't you think? Btw, can writing get any worse than this?]

After a minimal shrug and a minimal pause [and a minimal talent for writing], Stagliano said, "Pussies are bullshit." {Does anyone get the feeling we haven't progress much in 12 lines?] Now John was being obedient to the dictionary definition of "bullshit" which is nonsense intended to deceive. [Nicely put, Shakespeare.]

With vaginal, Stagliano elaborated -- well, here you have some chick chirruping away. [Nothing turns me on more than those chirping and clucking sounds when I'm fucking a woman]. And the genuinely discerning view, jack-knifed over his flying fist, [good one John, may you rest in piece] has got to be thinking: Is this for real? Or is this just bullshit? [You mean some guys actually keep the volume turned on while watching porn? Why?] With anal, on the other hand, the actress is obliged to produce a different order of response; more guttural, more animal. [Yeah, like: What the hell do you think you're doing back there, you pervert? Try that again and I will cut your goddamned balls off! Show some manners. Ask for permission next time. Don't look at the camera man. I meant permission from me.

As Stagliano quaintly puts it: "Her personality comes out." He goes on: "You want guys who can fuck really good and make the girls make look more virile." [i'd rather see virile guys with girls who can fuck really good. For that matter, I'm happy watching a guy with a big cock who uses up his four word vocabulary -- it, suck, bitch, and that's -- repeatedly while a beautiful blonde tests her new method of suppressing her gag reflex. But then that's just me.]


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