5 year warranty on BEAUTIFUL woman


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If she runs off or divorces you, back she goes, after spending MONTHS in INS holding cells. Dozens of companies sell these gals email addys, you know. Many are highly educated, speak english well, and will do nearly anything to get out of the hellholes that they are living in. It's common for women overseas to be 24 years old, and have no kids. If you know what you are about, you can easily clear 20k a year by marrying such a gal, while doing her the huge failure of letting her live here. It does cost several grand to go get her, tho. Best to "line up" several such gals, in case the face to face (and the sex) are not what you'd hoped. you can repeat this every 5 years, after teaching her all she needs to know to live very well here. Most US women HATE this "angle", passionately, because it cuts into their monopoly on your time and money. yes, some of the 3rd world gals will run off or misuse you. So what? Just file for abuse/notify ICE or the US marshalls, and get another one. There's literally millions of them, and many of them dont care a whit how old you are, what you look like, or what your income is. You are their salvation, just by being a US citizen, and by marrying them. They won't have to watch half of their kids die of starvation and disease, if they can get here.

Can a US woman run-off, divorce you, abuse or betray you? Do the US Marshalls/INS hunt her down and deport her for doing so? :-) Compared to the risks involved with a US gal, a third world woman is a quite safe "risk/investment". For those first 5 years. After that, I suggest that you get another one just like her, cause by then she will have been contaminated by contact-reading what US women put into her head. As a young man, you have the chance to train 10 young women to be fine wives for somebody. Just do it one at a time, 5 years each. Both you and she should know that that is the bargain, and nothing else is implied.

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