Source of Roy Child's works?


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I considered it a considerable loss to us when he died. Thanks for your help.

I was a good friend of Roy's for many years, and I appreciate your comment. But I'm puzzled by the title of this thread. Are you seeking information of some kind?


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Go to Amazon for a collection of his writings put together by Joan Kennedy Taylor called "Liberty Against Power," various reviews and essays on topics ranging from politics to music.

Ron Neff I believe has a site with some of Roy's essays on anarchism.

Possibly has pdfs of the magazine he edited for several years, Libertarian Review. If not, a search for Roy Childs at may lead you to many of his articles that appeared in libertarian publications and journals available at the site, for example, his critique of Nozick's Anarchy, State and Utopia (which was probably also reprinted in Joan's anthology). Googling "Roy Childs" or "Roy A. Childs, Jr." will take you to sites that have reprinted this and that of his.

Much of his good stuff is book catalog copy, the exuberant and lengthy reviews he wrote for Laissez Faire Books until his death in 1992. Unfortunately, many of those are not readily accessible now but a few have been reprinted.

There's a Roy Childs Corner at this web site with some of his writing.

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