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  • 11 years later...

Windows just did a huge download. Then I deleted old, unwanted code. Soooo, then another download started for malicious software removal. I do not know if this is for fear of Russian hacker’s possible retaliation against the U.S. and Microsoft, or just a periodic update, or both.

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20 hours ago, Peter said:

I saw Ghs has not posted for about four years. Has anyone heard how he is doing? And what about Ellen Stuttle and Brant? It's been a while guys.


People come and go according to their own interests and life conditions.

GHS has had a stroke. From what I can tell, he's faded from public life to deal with it. (And, before, I don't think he was crazy about my support for Trump. :) )

I have no doubt Ellen and Brant have issues with our tangles, but each has life-conditions that have nothing to do with OL. They are both dear to me. I hope they are well.

I don't grow OL in traffic, although I know how, because it's not time. I want to get to our own coding structure and that takes more money and time than I have right now, but it is in the works. Also, I will be getting a staff later.

For now, I need to get away from our dependence on IPB. They have been great for us over the years, but they have changed a lot recently. For example, our recent problem with forum posting was a glitch on their end, but they refused to answer my support ticket. They said I wasn't registered with them correctly. After all these years of doing support tickets with them, and, frankly, paying them all that money, I blew my stack. We straightened it out, so all is good. But man did I get irritated. I think they had a changeover in employees. This is one of the reasons I don't I don't do the traffic magic I learned. I don't want that kind of headache with a huge audience. I want our own thing. So gotta wait a bit more.

Just for the record, traffic-wise, there has been another input. I don't do SEO on OL and Google has punished us in their search results because of this cancel culture BS. But this is sooooooooo fixable that I'm not concerned, not even a little.  

Meanwhile, we are providing a wealth of content for later use. Wait until you see how this will work. And, whether anyone likes it or not, we are part of the Objectivist movement, such as it is (basically a splintered mess :) ). We are one of those places many people in O-Land don't know how to categorize because we don't fit into a simplified storyline inherited from Rand, Peikoff, NB and Barbara, etc. And they can't stay away from visiting.

No matter what any of them say or do, we exist and people come here. If you are worried about OL dwindling, be assured that we get read by the right people. Many don't comment and I put that in the "Fourth Turning" bucket where society is going through a huge climactic change with insecurity all around us. So people come and read rather than participate. I think they are worried more than in a mood for sharing. Many will come around later when things settle down out there. That's been my experience over the years.


Here's just one example. I get emails from people who read OL, but don't post. (I tend to leave my offline stuff off line.) I believe the following person prefers to remain anonymous, so I won't mention the name. But this email brought a smile to my face this morning. This person was referreing to OL.


Dear "true grit" Michael,

god you're good!


Best (always),

The smiley is slightly different than the one I got in the email. That one did not copy over, but this one is very close.

Don't forget, when these people read OL, they also read your posts.




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On 4/12/2022 at 2:27 PM, Peter said:

I saw Ghs has not posted for about four years.

George shows up on Facebook:

On 4/12/2022 at 2:27 PM, Peter said:

Has anyone heard how he is doing?

The last time he posted to Facebook was this past October:


On 4/12/2022 at 2:27 PM, Peter said:

And what about Ellen Stuttle and Brant? It's been a while guys.


I've sent a note off by mail to the address I have in Bloomfield.  She hasn't posted here since December 8 last year.  As I recall, Ellen sometimes takes breaks of up to two months or more between log-ins here.

Brant is probably in lurk mode ... he last loggin-in on April 7.

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