"Alongside Night" set for Film Adapation

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Production on adapting J. Neil Schulman's Prometheus award-winning science fiction novel "Alongside Night" into a movie will soon begin with actor Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules", "Andromeda") to be Executive Producer and star of the film.

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For OL readers, J. Neil Schulman was a member of OL. Look him up in members if you want to see what he posted.

Unfortunately, he passed away last month. I don't know what the cause of his death was, but according to his Wikipedia entry (J. Neil Schulman), he was 66.

His participation on OL was mostly a huge kerfuffle with George Smith some years ago. Schulman had a quirky idea that God visited him in human form or something like that. God and he talked and interacted like people do.

George Smith was not amused. :) 

(Well... he actually was... :) )

Anyway, for me, I know very little about Schulman other than what he did here, so he is another author on my reading list. 

I'll try to see the movie, too.


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I want to see the movie now, too.

We talked about the anger of the left. I didn’t know anything about Sorbo until today, I gather he is Christian, he said, “when I talk with Hollywood people, the ones you can talk with, I ask why are you all so angry? About something you don’t even believe in anyway.”

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