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Just as soccer fever is rising to a pitch in South Africa - and I'm thinking more and more about finding a hidey-hole in the country til it's over - I see an article at MSN, about a few British Liverpool fans burning the US flag over some petty gripe with Liverpool's US owners.

Also, apparently, there have been more World Cup tickets sold to Americans than any other nation, which is pretty amazing.

This Saturday is a match between England and the USA. Contrary to my heritage, guess who I'm rooting for.

Tony (give me Rugby, or give me Cricket, any day!)

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USA has proved it's a growing force in football, by holding the much fancied England to 1-1.

Chris, for a game that has little support at home, USA is earning respect everywhere else!

They looked dangerous on attack, but fragile in defence - except for the heroic goalkeeper, Tim Howard, who must have made a dozen saves.

An honorable draw, I think.

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Hope I don't drift the thread too much, but I keep seeing Team America as an active thread, and it brings up an association:


Yup, I'm not much for soccer either. Er, football that is, sorry.

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A friend of mine was in the stadium today when the USA played Slovenia and reported on the incredible support from American fans.

It was quite a game.

Slovenia went 2-0 up in the first half, and it looked all over.

Bob Bradley's men put ball in net THREE times in the second half - the last one disallowed. What fighting spirit (and pure talent.)

Final score, 2-2. (Donovan,Bradley.)

They're in with a great chance, with Algeria to face next, of reaching the quarter finals!

With the general indifference that many Americans view 'football', it's ironic how much respect they get overseas.


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