SuperBrain Yoga - A No-Brainer?

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SuperBrain Yoga - A No-Brainer?

I just came across something that looks very, very interesting. It's called SuperBrain Yoga. It it part of a chakra kind of healing system called Prana promoted by Master Koa Chok Sui. Whether you buy into this stuff or not, there has been some other research done on it and there seems to be something to it, although probably not the explanation given by the mystics.

From what I have read about SuperBrain Yoga, this is a great way to treat brain fog and improve memory. And, boy, do I need that sometimes! It is even reported to have beneficial effects on people with autism and other mental impairments. The cool part is that it is a simple healthy exercise that only needs to be done for 3 minutes a day. That's it.

Here is an article that gives an overview: A Short and Simple Physical Exercise for Your Brain by Paul Louis.

From the article:

Los Angeles physician Dr. Eric Robins says that the brain cells and neurons are energized with this simple exercise.

. . .

According to the Yale neurobiologist Dr. Eugenius Ang, the earlobes grabbed are acupuncture points that stimulate neural pathways in the brain. The brain's hemispheres are in opposite sides of the earlobes. Using opposite hands for pinching the earlobes may have something to do with the way our subtle energies are arranged.

Ang showed that the results from EEG (electroencephalography) readings after doing this exercise indicate the right and left hemispheres of the brain had become synchronized.

Here are some instructions at Ehow, but I am giving this for a sense of completion, not necessity. This thing is so simple anyone can do it just by watching or reading the article above. But here you go, anyway: How to Do Super Brain Yoga by Alan Donahue.

Wanna see how to do it? CBS did a report and the SuperBrain Yoga exercise is demonstrated clearly. The YouTube video of the CBS report has over half-a-million views as of this posting. I tried running down the date, but it got aggravating and I started running out of time. Sorry, but I stopped. Here's the best I could do. The video was posted in August 2008, so it's a good guess that the report happened somewhere around that time. Watch the video below.

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Does this work? Damned if I know. The public interest, anecdotes and brain scans look pretty convincing.

But three minutes a day? For free? Doing squats and deep breathing, which I should be doing anyway?

Hell, after communing with my Inner Tightwad and reevaluating my cravings for Magic Bullets, I'm definitely going to give this one a spin.

It's a no-brainer.

I'm starting today, so I'll return to this thread later on down the line with my impressions and results.


EDIT (a few minutes later): I just did the first time using my trusty Online Stopwatch. At my speed, it took me about 45 squats to do 3 minutes. I suppose I could go slower or faster. I'm OK with 45 at this speed, although it got me a bit winded. (Man, am I out of shape!)

Also, I have really tiny earlobes, so trying to hold on to those little suckers was a real pain. But I'm going to stay with it everyday for a while (if not for the rest of my life). I got a small rush doing this...

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Here's an update.

I have been doing this exercise every day since I started this thread and I actually do feel an increase in my mental clarity. I don't have to look up things like spelling as often as before and I have been getting better with names. This last is probably my worst mental area. I usually have to say a name over and over a gazillion times before I remember it.

One unexpected result is that a lot of creative ideas I have been trying to keep under wraps while I finish learning my Internet marketing stuff are now gushing all around my thoughts constantly. So far, this hasn't impeded my learning like it used to. When I started learning IM, I had to push my creations away in my mind because of the interference. But now, being able to create and do my Internet marketing stuff is cool (I have even been going over some screenwriting ideas), so I guess I will keep on yanking on my earlobes and doing squats.

I am still doing 45 squats a day for this exercise. I usually start getting winded at about 20 and during the first few days, my thigh muscles really complained. But, in the end, it's not all that much work and it is getting easier as the days pass. Also, I can finally hold on to my earlobes, although I start losing my grip towards the end of the set.

I feel like a perfect dork when I do this thing, especially if I am in a public place like a park or parking lot. But what the hell. You only live once...


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I just got this question on another thread and a copy should be here.


Off topic, but how is Super Yoga treating you, if at all?


If you mean SuperBrain Yoga (SuperBrain Yoga - A No-Brainer?), I'm having a pretty good time with it.

I actually use it as part of my stretching routine before long walks. I like to take 3-5 mile walks several times a week. Before them I use a quick stretching routine I cobbled together from what soccer players do in Brazil with some other stuff I have found that works pretty well for me. But when I don't have time for a walk, I do the SuperBrain Yoga thing just by itself.

The 3 minutes of deep knee bends plus deep breathing get my heart racing and sends plenty of oxygen to my brain. I tend to feel pretty good and focused after doing it.

I have not done any brain scans on myself before and after doing it, so I cannot say anything about whether it has affected my brain waves.

I did shake off a certain fogginess when I write and study since I started, so I believe this played a part.

I highly recommend it.

I am going to copy this post in that thread, since it actually belongs over there..


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