Make Your Own Atlas Shrugged Movie ...

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Via the default tools on, I created these two blurbs.

The first is about E-sylum, the electronic maillist of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society.

The second is Sarah Palin on Larry King, speaking words I wrote for an discussion over on RoR.



They have more tools and many more than that for sale. I posted here before about the amateur and fanvids about and around Atlas that you can find on YouTube. It is only a matter of time before more of the movie is made by more people. If you have watched and enjoyed the "John Galt Speaking" videos, then you realize that there are many passionate people who can and will do this work when and as they have motivation and resources.

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The show, RedEye has made a fantastic series of these. Most of them are completely avant-garde and involve inside-jokes involve the show's cast. But here's a spoof of Media Matters that can be understood by someone who doesn't watch the show:

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