Adventures in the Cyber Objectivst World!

Victor Pross

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When I joined the "on-line Objectivists orbit" it was with a view to finding kindred spirits. I have Objectivist friends in the "real world" but I was curious about the cyber Objectivsts. My first experience was an eye-opener.

The world I encountered was severe, repressed, pedantic and mean-spirited. Yes, it was highly intelligent—but the wet blanket version of a religious anal-retentive grandiloquent intelligence. I came across calamitous blowhards on the one hand—egotists rather than egoists—and their cowering sycophants on the other. I got sucked up in that world, and after some introspection...I discovered that I began to dislike myself [being an Objectivist, this is a disaster!].

Of course, there were exceptions, and I don't mind saying that. But I saw mostly passion for heresy-hunting and endless nit-picking.

Here at OL, again, one can come across what I had experienced—but by a far, far, lesser degree. I am here to discuss ideas, and that’s what I’m doing. That’s what one can find at OL, and in a much friendlier atmosphere. There is no doubt. And while I don’t expect OL to be some Love-in Objectivist Wood Stock, [for the love of godlessness who wants that!?] my stay here, thus far, has been what I was originally seeking.

I'm glad that MSK and Kat welcomed me into their cyber home.

I think I’m making some good friends here, and I can say that I have made an exceptionally good friend, a very special person, who shall remain nameless. She knows who she is.


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