Action Philosopher #6- Ayn Rand


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Not sure if others are aware of this.

There is a comic book called "Action Philosophers" that focuses on "the lives and thoughts of history's A-list brain trust in a hip and humorous way". They've published 5 issues so far (each issue usually has a theme, and covers 3 philosphers). The first 3 issues are collected in a trade paperback. the site is here:

Why bring this up?

In issue #2 (the Sex issue), Ayn Rand was one of the philosophers covered as "Action Philosopher #6". This gives a short bio of her, covering her coming to American, working in Hollywood, writing her 3 major novels, and meeting Nathaniel Branden. The basics of her philosophy are also covered. And it deals with the Branden/Rand split and what came afterwords. Basically it ends after the destruction of NBI.

Most issues gives a bio of works to consult. The TBP doesn't have one, and their on-line one only cites "The Virtue of Selfishness", but have to think they also used PAR as a source.

Am sure the OOs are either unaware of it or ignore it.

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Oh, I guess I should mention.

Nietzsche is covered in issue #1

Thomas Jefferson was also covered in issue #2: All-Sex issue

Aristotle will be covered in issue #7: It's all Greek to you

John Stuart Mill will be covered in issue #8: Senseless Violence issue

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