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Osprey and Weakfish, 1829

John James Audubon

Audubon's Dream Realized: Selections From Birds of America

Rich mentioned on the orchid and hummingbirds painting thread that his girlfriend was a birdwatcher so I thought this might be of some interest. When I visited the National Galleries last year they featured a wonderful exhibit called, "Audubon's Dream Realized: Selections From Birds of America." The exhibit is no longer on display at the National Galleries, but there is some information available at their website.

Although the style is more technical illustration rather than a beautiful oil painting like the "Cattleya Orchid and 3 Brazilian Hummingbirds" it is a must see for birdlovers. I had posted the sole oil painting and some information about the Audubon exhibit over on RoR (before we started OL) but it was largely ignored over there. Click the image for more information on the piece.


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