Actor Karl Malden died. Age 97

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Karl Malden, a fixture of my childhood, died at age 97. He had notable performances in -On the Waterfront- and -A Streetcar Named Desire-. His filmography can be found at:

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Some friends and I were playing Pictionary in the late 80's. The person whose turn it was to draw drew a man in a bowler with a large nose holding a card. It was immediately and unmistakably Karl

Malden from the Amercian Express commercials. It was the most astonishingly accurate and abstract free hand rendering caricature I have ever seen, and to this day none of us forgets it.

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Great run. 97.

Omar Bradley in Patton.

The Doc/Corpsman in The Halls of Montezuma - Richard Widmark and a great lesson about the Japanese culture and the art of reversal/Judo.

Fear Strikes Out - excellent played Jimmy Piersal's father.


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