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Chris Grieb

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Michael, this needs to be stickered someplace on OL. The e-mail, download and print functions are also valuable for use now, but I am thinking for newbies several months from now.


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I think the vote was anonymous, said Mrs. Malapropism.


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Thanks Michael for this detailed and 'rich' post: Lots of very interesting points!

You've obviously done a lot of helpful thinking about the 'generating audiences and the internet' topic. It will take me some time to digest it, try out the links and sources you mentioned, etc. When I have something substantive to say, I will post it on the new thread you created for the above subject.

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Emphasis added in bold

[H]ere is a public invitation to you I have not discussed with anyone.

[ ... ]

Kat and I have a small place here on OL called "Corners of Further Insight"** that has the writings of a series of authors, including Roger and Robert. I'm willing to open a "Phil Coates Corner" if you are interested.

The idea would be to have a place where you could present your ideas and test them out with people in your universe without having to chase an audience. By being online and on a regularly read forum with a small but select audience, it would be easy to search and promote.

[ ... ]My own interest is to get you going—to give you a point of reference you can fall back on and point to.

Let me know what you think. If you don't want that, no hard feelings and I won't mention it again (especially not as a jab if we bicker). If you do, it's yours.

Yes, Phil was offered his own Corner of Further Insight, his own place at OL (not an OL blog, mind).

Phil's response to this offer? Well, searching in that thread, I cannot see that he said anything in response to the offer. An unkind soul might say he EVADED reality.

Not mentioned in detail at the time is that a Corner of Insight gives to the author the means to control responses. As with an OL blog, the author has an entire suite of options: no comments allowed, comments allowed only with moderation, comments put through automatically. In each case, the author retains the ability to edit or delete comments.

Phil had fuck all to say at the time. I expect he has fuck all to say at present. If there was ever an illustration of an erstwhile Objective-ist who consistently thwarts and frustrates his own interests, it is Philip Algernon Methusaleh Coates.

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On 7/14/2009 at 12:44 AM, Brant Gaede said:

the Caudillo of Objectivism.

What's wrong rule by Caudillo, in general if not objectivist terms? Why not invest one's loyalty to a strong man, from time to time? 

I recall an argument about a BC election with my aunt Shirley.  She and my uncle did not like hearing my naive political opinions.  After I had blabbed to her about the long reign of the Social Credit premier WAC Bennett, she felt called to tell me: "Sometimes the people that run things should run things."  I took her to mean "who run things right." 

We rarely talk politics at our family reunions. If my two favourite uncles broach their current opinions (one is a hardcore conservative who consults with the RCMP on dead cases, the other a pallid Buddhist 'social conservative' lawyer/teacher) ... I remind all and sundry that "I Was A Teenage Communist" applies to both of them. Instead of explaining their mutation from CPC members, they take the laughs and move on. 

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