The New Individualist - April 2006 Issue

Michael Stuart Kelly

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(Note from Administrator: This was originally posted on July 16 2006.)

The New Individualist - April 2006 Issue

The April 2006 issue of The New Individualist is out. Dayaamm! When I think the thing can't get any more interesting, they come out with some great new stuff.

The cover article focuses on the fall of Ken Lay (interview with an insider). This is extremely timely from a news point-of-view because of Lay's recent guilty judgment and death - so it is especially effective as an attention-grabber. The cover shows a ship like the Titanic sinking, with the "E" in the Enron logo used for smokestacks. An article against George Bush is also announced.

The articles:

  • Ed Hudgins, "Skeptics and Humanists: Allies or Enemies of Individualism?" (discussing the prospects and pitfalls of philosophical collaboration with other camps in light of a recent conference of skeptics and secular humanists)
  • Roger Donway, "The Fall of Ken Lay: TNI's Exclusive Interview with Robert Bradley" (analysis of the Enron debacle in interview with the former speech writer for the fallen CEO with emphasis on Objectivist principles and literature)
  • Robert Huberty, review of Imposter: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy by Bruce Bartlett
  • Robert Jones, film reviews of Thank You for Smoking and V for Vendetta
  • Robert Bidinotto, "Devil's Advocates" (principles of why the jails of America and Britain have become breeding grounds for violent criminals)

Off I go for a very pleasurable read.


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I too liked the April 2006 New Individualist. The article about the skeptics was a little bit depressing but it does make the point that Objectivists have to keep fighting on altruism.

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