The Immoral Opposition to Cloning


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The Immoral Opposition to Cloning

July 31, 2006

IRVINE, CA--This month marks the tenth anniversary of the birth of Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal. "That impressive scientific advance opened up a world of possible life-saving treatments--yet in the name of 'morality,' some perversely oppose cloning," said Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute.

"Motivated by a religious morality that says it is wrong for human beings to 'play God,' the opponents of cloning claim cloning cheapens human life by making it just another part of nature scientists can manipulate and control.

"This is a profound inversion of the truth. Cloning has the potential to stimulate scientific advances that would drastically improve human life, perhaps giving us the ability to someday create new skin for burn victims, or spinal rod cells for victims of paralysis.

"Those attempting to stand in the way of such advances are the real enemies of human life."

Copyright © 2006 Ayn Rand® Institute. All rights reserved.

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