Recent and Forthcoming Books about Ayn Rand

Chris Grieb

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ARI published a biography, mostly illustrations, a year or two ago: Lots of interesting archival material, though not definitive scholarship.

Did anybody but me see The Fountainheads by Johnson: It purports to be a study of the joint story or Rand and FLl Wright. Don't bother. The flame-keepers wouldn't let him into the archives, and I doubt that the book would have been any better if they had.

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Bill P; It is my hope that Peikoff will not call his next book the DIM Hypothesis. I think he has some things to say that but that title is off-putting.

Chris -

I think that ship has sailed. He has even commented on record (lectures) that the title will be the subject of jokes, so he will make the joke first.

I formerly thought that the long delays on getting The Ominous Parallels completed and published were due to Rand's editing and driving continual revisions. Events since 1982 (or, more precisely, non-events) have made it clear that Rand's editing/driving of revisions were not the only cause and probably not the primary cause of delays.

Bill P

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